Integrated Planning
for Life

Process Overview

RubinBrown tailors our financial management services based around the major life phases that make up a financial plan. We have categorized these stages into four phases, which encompass the general path that we take during our working career, preparing for and then enjoying retirement.

Phases of Portfolio Management:

Building a Financial Foundation: Most individuals do not have a clear plan for achieving financial goals. First, through interviews, risk analysis, and candid discussions, we help clients define their goals and objectives.

Preparing for Retirement: Once a foundation has been put into place, but several years (at least) before retirement commences, it usually makes sense to take a step back and take a look at the state of your financial plan.

Retirement: Congratulations! Retirement! This is a celebration of a long-term goal fulfilled, and a sometimes scary proposition.

Managing A Legacy: One aspect of a successful retirement stage is that you can start to look beyond your own needs, and consider ways to transition your assets for future generations or charitable contributions.

Our Process:

RubinBrown encourages and invites individuals looking for financial management services to get to know us. Contacting our office to set up a meeting is the first step. This discovery process is the most important part of financial planning. This meeting allows us to understand you and your goals, and maybe even uncover something you did not know about your relationship with money. During the discovery process, we will ask questions and discuss what you would like to accomplish.

Once we have identified your specific goals, we begin the process of preparing your financial plan. Each client’s portfolio is designed specifically for them, there is no set model when it comes to planning for financial success. This process allows us to customize the level of risk in client portfolios, an important component of maximizing returns. This design process also helps us maximize tax efficiency when possible.

After a financial plan is complete and agreed upon, the next step is implementation. Often, this allows for the consolidation of multiple accounts to a single custodian. This simplifies the record keeping process and provides clients more time to pursue their interests. Once the accounts are in place, we will make the necessary changes to put your portfolio into action.

Since your needs and goals may change, RubinBrown reviews and monitors your plan to identify any changes that may be needed to keep you on track. Every holding in a portfolio is under continuous review. Advisors perform extensive research, monitor trends and attend conferences in an effort to better understand the fund managers we employ and the financial markets in general. Each client is assigned two advisors and every client is contacted quarterly with a full portfolio review.