Integrated Planning
for Life

About Us

RubinBrown Advisors is dedicated to providing clients a level of personalized service with integrity and expertise that reflects our parent firm's legacy of excellence. RubinBrown Advisors:

  • Is independent and objective

  • Serves as fiduciaries

  • Educates clients about investments and matters of personal finance

  • Is fee based only, no commissions

  • Offers no proprietary products

  • Is relationship, not transaction oriented

  • Offers a high level of service with frequent communication

RubinBrown recognizes that it’s sometimes difficult for clients to articulate financial goals. Plus, once those goals are articulated and the plan is developed, when is the right time to prioritize certain components? What happens if circumstances change? RubinBrown’s line of communication with clients is what allows us to navigate the changing life stages that everyone goes through.

Because of this, we tailor our services based around the major life phases that make up a financial plan. We have categorized these stages into four phases, which encompass the general path that we take during our working career, preparing for and then enjoying retirement. The first phase is financial foundation, where the building blocks of an individuals financial plan are established. Next is the pre-retirement phase, where we begin to take the steps necessary to successfully enter the retirement stage. This is the phase when we are drawing from the portfolio without a traditional income to support your financial goals. Finally, once the retirement has been comfortably managed, there is the legacy phase, where additional goals that can be achieved with your resources are analyzed if a part of your objectives/goals.

RubinBrown Advisors adheres to strict privacy and confidentiality guidelines.


Why was RubinBrown Advisors created?

There are thousands of investment products and portfolio managers from which to choose.

RubinBrown clients, who are also concerned investors, asked that we provide advisors they can trust. They asked for advisors who can offer objective and experienced advice and help them develop strategies to achieve their goals consistent with their tolerance for risk and time horizon. In addition, clients have told us they need help understanding the benefits and considerations of available investment alternatives.

Why should I choose RubinBrown Advisors?

RubinBrown Advisors pride ourselves on providing exemplary service. We:

  • Identify, prioritize and help clients achieve goals and objectives
  • Offer independence, transparency and objectivity
  • Provide an integrated suite of services using a team of highly skilled, experienced professionals in taxation, estate and financial planning, risk management and investments
  • Engage in frequent communication
  • Follow a systematic, disciplined approach to investing
  • Serve as fiduciaries
  • Educate you about investments and matters of personal finance
  • Provide services for fees only, no commissions
  • Are relationship, not transaction oriented
  • Offer reasonable fees

Is RubinBrown Advisors a registered investment advisor?

RubinBrown Advisors is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor.

How does RubinBrown Advisors get paid?

As independent advisors:

  • We work for you.
  • We do not sell investment products.
  • We do not receive commissions on investment recommendations or manage a proprietary portfolio.
  • Our success is directly tied to your success.

We are paid a percentage of the assets for which we provide investment advisory services. Fees vary by the amount of client assets on which we consult.

How does RubinBrown Advisors protect my personal information?

RubinBrown Advisors adheres to strict privacy and confidentiality guidelines. To view a copy of our privacy policy, please click here.

Where are my investments held?

RubinBrown Advisors custodies all client assets at third-party companies like Charles Schwab, T.D. Ameritrade, and SEI Private Trust Company. In addition to being audited annually, none of these entities engages in risky proprietary trading or investment banking.